About Bill ...

Born: Cleveland, Ohio

Current home: Madison, Ohio

Education: B.S. Elem. Ed.; A.S.E.T.

Job: Electronic Technical Specialist

Hobbies: RC Drones (quadcopters), bicycling, golf & Ham Radio

Interests: Sci-Fi (Star Trek & others), Maine Coon Cats, Vegetarianism, & Harry Potter (a big fan)


Welcome to my place on the WWW.  This is just a place for me to share some of my interests and hobbies with folks around the world, just as I have for many years via Amateur (Ham) Radio (as KB8EB).  I've been using the WWW for many, many years .. longer than most anyone I know.  I first started "tele-communicating" with a computer back in 1980 with an Atari computer and a 300 baud acoustic modem (which I still have).  I was an early member of the "FreeNet" society and Compuserve (which was all text back then).  When the WWW  (as we know it today) first became available to home users with "shareware" from NCSA (Mosaic), I was hooked!  I learned to write web pages back then, using the only tool available; a "text editor".   I began writing web pages for others, as well as building custom computers (Cooncat Webmastering / Madison Computing).

I welcome you to check out some of my other interests via the following links:

Amateur ("Ham") Radio  -  Star Trek & SciFi  -  Rollerblading  -  Pictures  

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