In Memory Of  "Data" 


     Hello Everycat and Everyone!  My name is Data, and I was a Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon cat, registered in the CFA. Welcome to my Homepage.  I was born Sep. 14, 1990, and went to the Rainbow Bridge on May 5, 2007.  I left behind my half-brother, Geordi, and my great great grand nephew, Jayden, and of course, my human dad, Bill.  I had a wonderful life of almost 17 years. Bill would have had me stick around until I was 27, but we can't always have our way.  I'm waiting for all my cat friends and Bill at the Rainbow Bridge. For more information about that, go to the Tributes web page.  ... Data


 4 weeks old, standing in my food!

 4 months old - Wasn't I cute ???


TWO Gentle Giants!

Bags make great hiding places!


Geordi & Data share a recliner in 2003 Data & Jayden share a secret spot in the bathroom

Geordi & Data in 2003

Data & Jayden, April 2007

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