In Memory of "Geordi"



     Hello Everycat and Everyone!  My name is Geordi, and I was a solid Black Maine Coon cat, registered in the CFA. Welcome to my Homepage.  I was named after a character in Star Trek: The Next Generation. At 4:31pm on Feb. 5, 2009, I went to the Rainbow Bridge, to be with my half-brothers, Data, Major and Musti-Bear. I had pneumonia, which made it hard for me to breath. On my last day, I toughed it out, just long enough for my dad to come home from work and be with me when I left for the Bridge. Dad & I shared something very special for over 18 years. I'm waiting for him now. See more on the Tributes web page.  ... Geordi
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Geordi as a kitten Geordi as a kitten

 10 weeks old, lying on Bill's bed!

 12 weeks old - Wanna play ball ?


Geordi Geordi looks at birds

I haff 2 white whiskers - SO ?

Look! Frozen dinner just outside !


Geordi & Data: (half-brothers) in 2003 Geordi & Jayden share the couch - Jan. 2009

Here's me with bro' Data in 2003

Geordi (18) & Jayden (3) 2009!

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