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[Bill's Station]

Here's a picture of my station. Prominent is the Yaesu FT-990 HF rig. Also seen are a Yaesu FT-530 dual-band HT, a 3KW tuner, a 50amp variable power supply, and my 4 vhf/uhf radios and TNCs.


I have been involved with Amateur Radio for almost 30 years! Most of us "old timers" know what it was like to be licensed back then. There were NO "study guides" with all the answers in them, and tests were "fill-ins" rather than "multiple guess"! I taught MYSELF the Morse Code in 2 (yes, TWO) days, using homemade flashcards. I took (and passed) the 5wpm code test 1 week after beginning to study for the test. My "elmer" administered the Novice Exam to me, which I passed. I skipped the "Technician Class" license, obtaining my General Class license at a test session given by the dark suited FCC guys at the Cleveland Federal Building. I earned my Advanced Class license at the FCC Office in Buffalo, NY. Finally, after a lot of procrastinating, I obtained my Extra Class license at a LCARA (Lake County Amateur Radio Association) test session. I not only got ALL the code answers correct, but I also had 5 minutes of "solid copy" at 20wpm.

My favorite operation modes are:

CW -  RTTY -  FM Phone

Some of my Amateur Radio Highlights: