Jayden's Pedigree Page

(CFA# 1778-1544394)

           Parents                      Grand Parents                     Great Grand Parents        Great-Great Grand Parents


Avicat's Mattia Pascal of Angtini


Ch. Coonalley's Kingofpop of Kelecoons


GC,RW Dorwill Raisin Kane of Coonalley, DM


GrCh. Lawhilcoon's Oliverhpe of Coonalley

Dorwill Glory of Coonalley

Coonalley's Cracklin' Rose


Ch. Stormwatch's Red Skye at Morning
GC Coonalley's Candescence

Coonoquan Evviva of Avicats


GC,RW Nascat's R/R Phantom of Coonoquan 


GC Avicat's Versace of Coonoquan
GC Nascat's Waving The Checkers, DM

Ch. Coonyham's Tagi of Coonoquan 


CH Coonyham's Lone Star
CH Coonyham's Sonoma


Ch. Angtini's Sicily


GC Catgo's Oh, Sebastian!


CH Mewsicoon's Charles Dickens of Catgo (1792-1002811)

GC Angtini's Jean-Claude Kitty, DM
Ch. McKittycreek's Kammie
CH McKittycreek's Gabriella of Catgo, DM (1793-1059108) GC Coonsboro's JFK of McKittycreek
GC Weidebusch Liebchen of McKittcreek

GC Mewsicoon's Daffodil of Angtini, DM


GC Avicat's Publius Ovidius Naso


GC, GP Stormwatch's Tatsumaki
GC Avicat's Sophrosina Marfisa, DM
CH Mewsicoon's Dorabella


GC Angtini's Jean-Claude Kitty, DM
CH Mewsicoon's Coonhilda, DM

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