Data's and Geordi's Parents!

This is a picture of GrC. Kanab Luanne's Peach Schnapps of Angtini.  He is a Red Classic Tabby Maine Coon.  I was lucky enough to know him while he was being shown.  His Classic markings are stunning, and these were passed along to Data. He has a great muzzle, ears and boning, which he passed along to Geordi.  My guys are lucky to share this fine Grand Champion for a dad!  "Peaches" had a real laid back 'catsonality'! Peaches went to the Rainbow Bridge in late 2004 and is missed by all who knew him.

Flower - Data's mom This is a picture of Champion Angtini's Fetuccini Flower.  Flower is a Brown Mackerel Tabby MC. She has great ears, muzzle and tail. She is Data's mom, and passed along those traits to him, as well as her very sweet disposition.  Whenever I look at this picture, its just like looking at Data because he poses just like his mom! Flower went to the Rainbow Bridge in 1999, and she is missed by all who knew her.
This is a picture of Champion Nephrani's Trixie Koon of Angtini.  She is a Brown Patch Tabby MC.  Trixie's strong features were her ears and boning. Also, she could "throw any color of the rainbow" when it came to producing kittens. Geordi got his Black/Smoke coloring from his mom.  Trixie, who has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, will be remembered as a very devoted mother cat. Trixie - Geordi's Mom