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[pic of Katherine Hicks and me!]

Here's a picture of me with Catherine Hicks, the actress who portrayed "Dr. Gillian", the Cetacean Biologist in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. (this picture was taken at a Star Trek convention in Erie, Pa.)


I do like ALL Sci-Fi shows, but Star Trek has always been a favorite of mine. I've been watching Star Trek since I was a kid, beginning with the original cast and crew. My favorite series has to be the TNG series, as I think that they had the overall best quality of shows, actors and characters. I think DS9 was very good. I completely disliked Voyager, but did enjoy Enterprise (too bad the Exec. Producers - Berman/Braga - ruined it with what seems like intentionally poor writing). I also loved Babylon 5!

I've attended many "Star Trek" conventions over the past 20 years and these are the people I've met:

William Shatner - Captain Kirk (TOS)

Jimmy Doohan -  Scotty (TOS)

Majel Roddenberry - Nurse Chapel (TOS)

Jonathan Frakes - Cmdr. Riker (TNG)

Brent Spiner - Data (TNG)

Robert O'Reilly - Gowron (TNG)

Katherine Hicks - Dr. Gillian (ST-IV)

Jennifer Lien - Kes (VOY)

Patricia Tallman - Lyta Alexander (B5)

Leonard Nimoy - Spock (TOS)

George Takei - Sulu (TOS)

Mark Lenard - Sarek (TOS/TNG)

Gates McFadden - Dr. Crusher (TNG)

Marina Sirtis - Troi (TNG)

Armin Shimmerman - Quark (DS9)

Robin Curtis - Saavik (ST: III, IV)

Bill Mumy - Lost n Space / Lanier (B5)

Robert Krimmer - Cartagia (B5)

DeForrest Kelly - Dr. McCoy (TOS)

Walter Koenig - Chekov / Bester (TOS/B5)

Patrick Stewart - Captain Picard (TNG)

Michael Dorn - Worf (TNG/DS9)

Colm Meaney - Chief O'Brien (TNG/DS9)

Rene Auberjonois - Odo (DS9)

Garrett Wang - Ensign Kim (VOY)

Jason Carter - Marcus Cole (B5)

James Darren - Vic Fontaine (DS9)

Links for some of my favorite Sci-Fi shows :

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Some Favorite Star Trek Episodes:

  • City on the Edge of Forever - TOS 
  • Darmok - TNG
  • Inner Light - TNG
  • Measure of a Man - TNG
  • Matter of Honor - TNG
  • Best of Both Worlds - TNG
  • Yesterday's Enterprise - TNG

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