Introducing Pixel         


     Hello Everycat and Everyone!
My name is Pixel, and I'm a Brown Classic  Tabby w/White Maine Coon cat, registered in the CFA. Welcome to my Homepage.  I am 14 years old (May 30th) in this picture, and weigh 18 pounds! My best buddy is my Uncle Jayden. (my mom is Jayden's sister, so he's my fur real uncle!) I'm still bigger than Jayden, even though I've lost weight as I got older.  Here I am relaxing on the couch.

This picture taken 7-31-21. 


See my pedigree link below!


Pixel at 8 weeks old Pixel's sisters

 Here's me when I was little!

 Here are two of my sisters. I was one of 10 kittens in my litter!


Pixel in his forever home! Pixel with his Uncle Jayden

1st day at my new home! I have lots of toys to play with.

Here's me with my Uncle Jayden in a cat tree looking outside!


Pixel being cute Pixel & Uncle Jayden March 2009

"Daddy, please don't make me beg for my food!"

Here's another pic of Uncle Jayden & me in a new tree!

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Check out pictures of my Parents!


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